Swingin' Live in Hollywood

Original Album Release: Recorded in 1957

Year of CD Release: 2011

Record Label: Stardust Records

Country: United States

Catalog Number:  None

Sold on Amazon through its "manufactured upon demand" program. Disc is a burned CD-R; artwork and disc label are good quality digital printing. Appears to be a subset of the two "Live at Peacock Lane" albums. Not sure if this is a legitimate release.

Song NameLength
Little Girl Kimbi6:54
Geller's Celler5:21
Ain't Life Grand?3:20
Blue Birdland4:17
Great Guns3:09
Groover Wailin'3:04
Lady Bug3:05
Christmas for Moderns8:21
My Funny Valentine3:58
Early Hours4:54
Free Lee3:35
The Wailing Boat3:32
Stand Up and Preach2:52
Dancing Nitely4:34
More West2:30
Maynard the Fox3:01
Godbye Mr. Chops3:22
Front cover
Tray card