Birdland Dream Band Volume 2
(French Digipak)

Year of CD Release: 2003

Record Label: RCA Victor Gold Series

Country: France

Catalog Number:  82876555662

Song NameLength
Straight Up3:38
Sleep Softly3:30
Geller's Cellar4:01
Free Lee2:45
Say It With Trumpets3:02
Everybody Moan4:23
Tell Me Funky2:40
You Said It2:59
Early Hours3:50
Nightmare Alley3:30
Sleep Softly (alt. take)3:26
Free Lee (alt. take)2:42
Say It With Trumpets (alt. take)3:47
Everybody Moan (alt. take)4:56
Nightmare Alley (alt. take)4:26
Front cover
Tray card